Friday, December 22, 2006

Documents- Cittadinanza Italiana

Dario di Teodoro works at 'Agenzia dell'emigrato' in Rome. The company gives advice on how to get documents and in particular helps foreigners with the paperwork involved in getting Italian citizenship or cittadinanza Italiana.

Dario informed me that it is possible to apply for cittadinanza Italiana after over 6 months of marriage to an Italian or after 6 years of living in Italy. Dario said "this agency was set up to help make it easier for foreigners to deal with the process of getting documents here as the bureaucratic system in Italy can be confusing".

For more information please contact Dario at the agenzia dell'emigrato
Via F. de Roberto 27
00137 Roma
Tel: (+39) 06 823 569
fax: (+39) 06 9725 2743

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Anonymous said...

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