Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Blog Contest

Posted by Jo Linsdell  |  6 comments

Everyone who leaves a comment on my blog between January 10th and February 10th will be entered into the prize draw. To increase your chances of winning leave a comment on more than one post. Your name will go in the hat for each comment you leave *up to 3*.

The winner will receive a free copy of my new ebook 'The Patron Saint of Lovers'.

Ever wondered who Saint Valentine was? or how the Italians celebrate Valentine's Day? You'll find the answers to these questions and much more in 'The Patron Saint of Lovers'. More original than chocolates or flowers, 'The patron Saint of Lovers' makes a great valentines gift.

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Hey, I'm first!

Jo, you inspired me. When I made a media room for my fabianspace site, I added a chat room. I'm so glad we met.

That sounds like a really fun book. I'm in :). I came from the Muse Conference too. I tried to make a chat on your site earlier (The one with Ed) but, *sigh*, messed up the timezones :p.


Anonymous said...

Jo,I'm glad we met.You are my very first Roman friend.I can't rightly comment on the love-bug since I don't have much experience with romance, but I like your web page and your blog.

Jay Hudson
Jay's Writer's World
A Yahoo Group

Anonymous said...

Hey, your site is awesome. I'm so glad I clicked on your link to see what this was all about. So often I just delete links but you sound like a fabulous person. I want to learn Italian! My daughter married an Italian boy, last name is Puccetti and they are beautiful people.

Alex P Fogg said...

Hi ther, I'm in too. I just spent NYE in Venice and it was really nice (some pics! -->


Jo Linsdell said...

Sandy Wells is the winner of the blog comment competition. Please contact my email at to collect your prize.

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