Monday, February 5, 2007

Football banned for 2 weeks

All football matches have been banned for a 2 week period following the death of an Italian police officer. The Police officer was killed during the violence between fans and the police force that followed a match in Catania. This is not the first time a person has been killed under a similar situation. Unfortunately violence has been part of the history of football for many years however in the past it was fans vs fans. Now it's police vs fans and the attacks are becoming more and more violent. No one seems to know how to resolve the situation here in Italy but there has been a lot of talk about following the UK example of no tolerance to any form of violence. General public opinion here is that a 2 week ban will make no difference to the situation. There is talk that some matches will take place on Sunday 11th but this will only be valid for stadiums that meet certain levels of security.

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