Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Italian Food

Italy is World famous for it's diet. Pasta is a common element throughout the various regions of the country. Divided into two types, lunga (long), such as spaghetti and linguine and corta (short) which includes penne (tubes) , conchiglie (shell shaped), fusilli (corkscrew shaped) and many others.

Pasta sauce ingredients vary quite dramatically from region to region and there is an obvious difference between north and south. In the north, sauces are traditionally richer and often contain red meat e.g. rag├╣ or as it's sometimes known bolognese. As you head south sauces tend to contain more vegetables and on the coast lots of seafood.

Freshly grated cheese is used to top most pasta dishes. Common types include parmigiano, grana padano, pecorino and ricotta salata. The type of cheese used also varies between regions.

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