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AMA Roma

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AMA Spa, Azienda Municipale Ambiente (Municipal Environment Agency)- funded in 1985 - is the Italian leading company in the field of environmental services and Urban Solid Waste managing. AMA provides urban hygiene services across the area of the Municipality of Rome - the largest in Italy - by ensuring the daily collection, haulage and disposal of about 4,000 tons of wastes, the cleaning of streets and pavements covering a total area of 25 millions square meters and the cleaning of 250 local markets, 5 big city markets an weekly markets.

Moreover, AMA provides for the separate collection of glass, plastic aluminium and metal, the recovery of hazardous urban waste, such as batteries and pharmaceutical products, vehicle batteries and abandoned syringes and - upon request - the cleaning of cesspools.

AMA also manages the Funeral and Cemetery Services and through "All Clean Roma" and "Sanama", two companies in which it has a stake, sees to the protection of the outer surfaces of monuments and buildings and to rat extermination, disinfection and disinfestations.

Apart from the green containers for urban waste, AMA provides the following to Romans:
White containers for paper objects, such as books, magazines, newspapers, exercise books and cardboards.
Blue containers for glass, metal and plastic objects, such as bottles, cans, jars, containers.
AMA also recovers about 100 tons per annum on average of lead batteries that contain highly pollutant substances. To this end AMA has installed grey containers in 32 business centers for car and motorcycle batteries.
Small batteries can be disposed in the yellow containers available to citizens in every primary and secondary schools and on all business premises.
Special white containers for the collection of expired pharmaceutical products may be found in all Pharmacies and business premises.

Old furniture, such as sofas, chairs and tables, or household appliances, such as washing machines or vacuum cleaners, must not be dumped in containers nor left on the streets, as this seriously damages the image of the city and pollutes the environment. The solution - free of charge - is to bring those bulky wastes either to the AMA collection centers (open Tuesdays to Saturdays - excluding holidays - from 3:00 to 6:00 pm) or to the "Isole ecologiche"(open 7:00 to 11:00 am and 2:30 to 7:00 pm Mondays to Saturdays and 7:00 to 11:00 am on Sundays)

Alternatively, costumers can use the home collection service of bulky wastes which AMA provides upon requests. Different prices will be applied depending on the quantity of wastes and on the kind of recollection (ground floor or upper floors)

In order to book the service you can call 060606 (English-speaking operators available Monday to Saturday 4pm to 7pm) to agree on the price, date and time of collection. Payment will be made on recollection.

Rome is a beautiful city, let's keep it that way. For more information about AMA Roma visit their website or call their toll free number 800-867035

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