Thursday, March 29, 2007

Review of Italian for Tourists

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Ron Berry is a fellow writer and member of a writers group I belong to and he kindly reviewed my book 'Italian for Tourists', this is what he wrote:

Italian for Tourists
A review

I don't speak Italian. I have enough trouble with English (or is itAmerican). Jo Linsdell has written the definitive guidebook. I know if I ever make it to Italy, this is the book I want. Why? Becauseit's layout is simple, easy to use and covers everything. Ms Linsdell has put in a guide to how to pronounce the letters and put in themost common of phrases. There is not a lot of excess wording so finding what phrase or word you need in a hurry is very simple. Thisbook is a must for anyone traveling to Italy. The only negative is that it doesn't go into all the bad language that Italian drivers throw at each other. Wait, that's a good thing.

The first thing you notice is how the book is divided. Then you getthe guide to how to pronounce each letter and in Italian, you do just that. After that, all you have to do is look for the section youneed, airport, train station, hotel, etc, and all the common phrases are there. Anyone who travels can use this book. There are many Italian to English books or other combinations, but none are as easyto use as Italian for Tourists. I highly recommend this to anyone traveling to Italy.

Ron Berry

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hello Jo, I'll be looking at your book! I'm a fiction writer from the UK, and a lover of Italy and all things Italian too. I'll be visiting Italy again in June, and planning to take the children to Rome. Any suggestions on good places to take the children in Rome? One of the things I love about Italy is how great it is for children without treating them in separate compartments, as often happens in the UK. But I'd like them to enjoy something of Rome that they can relate to, without being overwhelmed. Many thanks, good luck with the book! Jane x

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