Friday, March 23, 2007

Trash People

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Piazza Del Popolo, Rome
21st- 29th March 2007

Trash People is an exhibition, by Ha Schult, of life-size figures made from compressed industrial waste and urban consumer refuse. Every single object or piece of rubbish that makes up each figure is a direct reference to our daily lives. The artists message, intentionally powerful, is a warning for us to consider which way we should turn to seek our quality of life.

The installation, made up of 1000 elements, multiples the impact that one sculpture makes by sheer numbers. The gravity and importance of the message is all the more obvious due to the vast dimensions of the installation.
The artist, Ha Schult, was born in 1939 and grew up among the ruins of Berlin. Having studied at the Art Accademy in Dusseldorf, Schult has created many pieces over the years. His actions focus on the social environments within cities around the world. His artistic work is expressed by images that make a forceful impact.

This thought provoking piece of artwork is well worth a visit. Visit for more information about this artist and the Trash People World Tour.

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