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Bioparco (Zoo)

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Founded in 1911, Bioparco is one of the oldest Zoos in Europe and is home to a good selection of mammals, reptiles and birds. Bioparco has elephants, lions, bears and a whole host of other animals. The monkey's are great fun to watch!

Bioparco cooperates at national and international level in the conservation of endangered species. It's a member of ' European Association of Zooz and Aquaria' (EAZA), 'World Association of Zoos and Aquariums' (WAZA) and 'International Species Information Species (ISIS). The hosted animals are born in captivity either here or in other zoos, or come from confiscation of species illegally imported into Italy. Many of the animals are also included in international programmes of reproduction in captivity, as they seriously risk extinction.

The zoo offers free guided routes, animal feeding and animal discovering activities. It also has a train 'The Bioparco Express' which runs within the park and gives a fun way to see the animals.

Bioparco facilities include:

  • 3 snack bars and a restaurant

  • pic-nic area

  • "Caffè del Parco" with sanck bar, self service and roof garden

  • Bioparco shop

  • meeting centre for conferences, conventions and gala performances

  • free parking at the entrance

There is a 'Lake Oasis' for you to relax and a childrens area where kids can play on the 'Arc of Animals', a big ship shaped structure with paths, games, slides and swings.

You can find more information about the zoo at their website

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