Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Museo Pietro Canonica

Museo Pietro Canonica

This small museum is located in the heart of Villa Borghese and is dedicated to the artist Pietro Canonica (1869-1959). Canonica was a sculptor of international repute, as well as a music lover and a composer in his own right. He spent his formative years in Turin in the last years of the nineteenth century, prior to a long period passed n the courts of Europe, where the aristocracy commissioned portraits and other commerative works from him. He moved to Rome in 1922 and in 1927 managed to get the municipal concession for the building that is today the museum. He used it as his home and studio, undertaking in exchange that, when he died, he would leave all the works that he collected there over the years to funish it as a museum in his name. This unusal museum gives an impression of all aspects of Canonica's life, both private and professional.

Museo Pietro Canonica
Viale Pietro Canonica, 2
(Piazza di Siena)
Villa Borghese
00197 Roma

The museum is open Tuesday- Sunday from 9am- 7pm. For more information visit


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