Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tivoli Carvival

It's carnival time in Italy which means costumes, face paint, music, dancing... and in some places floats. The above photo's were taken at Tivoli carnival this year. A small parade travelled through the streets and ended up in the main square where they were annouced and official presented to the crowds. Old and young took part in the parade and fun was had by all. Confetti was thrown in large amounts covering the streets.
In the main square there were several stalls set up selling mainly sweets, candy floss, nuts and crepes with nutella. There were also a few selling tourist t-shirts, mugs and other souveniers.
If you happen to be in Italy during carnival time even these small scale parades are worth a visit. They might not have the same effect as the big one in Venice but they do give you a nice insight into the real lives of Italians.

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