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Facts about Tivoli

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  • Tivoli is an ancient latin town.
  • Between 1800 and 1900 industrial development, based on the paper industry and electric production, made Tivoli the first lighted up electrically city of Italy in 1882.
  • Famous Villas; Villa D'Este, Villa Adriana and Villa Gregoriana.
  • Tivoli Terme are famous for their baths and curative water.
  • Most importnant resources of the city are quarrying and manufacturing Travertine (stone) and agriculture.
  • In September Tivoli exalts it's typical product, a grape of high quality, with the Pizzutello festival.
  • In April the city celebrates the anniversary of the founding of Tivoli.
  • The 10th August is the feast of St. Lawrence The Martyr, the Patron Saint of Tivoli and is celebrated with mass, processions, games, music and dancing.
  • Tivoli is 32Km from Rome.
  • Tivoli can be reached from Rome by:
  1. Train. Roma-Avezzano in Tiburtina F.S. (Train station)
  2. Bus. Roma-Tivoli from Ponte Mammolo (metro stop on the B Line)
  3. Car. A24 Roma- Aquilia (highway) exit Tivoli or by going along the S.S. Tiburtina N.E. direction.

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