Sunday, September 27, 2009

Art Exhibition: Paesaggio laziale tra ideale e reale

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Paesaggio laziale tra ideale e Reale dipinti del XVII e XVIII secolo
Tivoli, Villa D'Este.
12th June- 1st November 2009

Open 8:30am until one hour before sunset
Closed Mondays

Exhibition plus entrance into villa: €10,00, free for under 12's and over 65's.

For more info visit or email

"The exhibition shows a selection of paintings by some of the best landscape painters who worked in Rome between the 17th and 18th century, a period when landscape painting moves between The Ideal and The real".
"Landscape of Latium becomes the visualisation of a dream, it changes into myth as fables and ancient stories it performs, rising to a universal value. Tivoli is expression and synthesis of these ideas: the ancestral memory of ancient myths, the great vestiges of classical and Renaissance world, the panic sense of nature live together in an indissoluble union. The emotion caused by the landscape of Tivoli is expressed among the ideal, the real, the picturesque and the sublime in the views by Dughet, van Wittel, locatelli, Van Bloem, van Lint".

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