Friday, September 11, 2009

The return of X factor

The internationally known TV programme that searches for the next big pop music artist is back for it's third edition on Italian TV. Originally created by British Simon Cowell, X-Factor is now a cult programme throughout the world. In Italy it is broadcast on Rai Due.

The first appointment with this popular programme was last night. Hostedby Francesco Fracchinetti, this years panel of judges/tutors is made up of Morgan, Mara Maionchi and new member Claudia Mori.

Over the 13 evening shows and daily afternoon airing, the 12 musical talents will battle it out to win a music contact and prize money.

The singers are divided into 3 groups; 16-24, 25+ and groups. My personal favorites after watching last nights show are Marco, Ornella and Luana Biz.

You can find out more about the show here

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