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Welcome back! 2010

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Welcome back and belated wishes for the New Year or as Italians say ‘Buon Anno’.

2009 was another eventful year for Italy. Here’s just a few of the things that happened:

o Economic crisis that hit most of the world this year also effected Italy, but the OCSE (Organisation for the cooperation and the economic growth) foresees Italy being the leader in Europe in 2010. Hard to believe considering that the first nine months of 2009 saw 100,000 companies close. Let’s hope they’re right and that the Italians can resist and come out on top in the New Year.
o In April 2009 a tragic earthquake hit Abruzzo with 370 deaths and over 1500 injured. Many were left homeless and much of Aquila (the main town hit) was destroyed. The population has pulled together and is now starting to rebuild their lives however many are still living in the tents supplied after the tragedy whilst they wait for new housing. Promises have been made that this will happen soon and that everyone will have a house in 2010. Let’s hope this is one promise that is kept.
o Attacks on public figures during the Christmas period. Both President Berlusconi and the Pope were victims of attacks. Berlusconi ended up in hospital for a few days with injuries to his face after being attacked by a man as he waved to crowds. The Pope was unharmed when a women, who wanting to touch him during the Christmas Mass, pulled him to the ground.
o Reality TV continued to be a success in Italy during 2009. Marco won the third edition of X-Factor and Big Brother celebrated it’s tenth edition and the housemates passed Christmas in the house for the first time.
o Lippi returned as the Italian Football teams coach. The last time he was in control of the team they won the World Cup. Will he be able to do it again in 2010?

If you would like to be involved with this site in 2010 please email with ‘As The Romans Do’ in the subject line. I’m looking for people to interview, book reviews, features on companies or services, etc… Obviously all should be related to or have a connection with Italy in some way ;)

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