Friday, February 26, 2010

Sanremo 2010

Sanremo is the most famous festival of Italian music. This year the event celebrated it's 60th edition and was presented by Antonella Clerici.

It would appear that I was not alone watching it this year as ratings for the show were very high.

This years event was won by Valerio Scanu. An ex-student of the talent show Amici, his victory has created much talk about the voting system for the festival. His song 'Per tutti i volte che...' however is not bad and has already become a hit both on radio and in sales.

Video of Valerio Scanu singing the winning song at Sanremo:

The winner of the new generation award (younger artists) was Tony Maiello. He too has a past in a talent show (this time x-factor) however there seems to be less upset over his win.

Malika Ayane won the critics award given by the press. Many, including myself, would have liked to see her as the winner of the festival.

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