Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Isola dei Famosi

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Isola Dei Famosi recently returned to Italian TV (Rai Due) with it's 7th edition, this time in Nicaragua.  As always, the show is presented by Simone Ventura. This years co-presenter is Rossano Rubicondi.

This years 'famous' cast includes:
The last of which, Aldo Busi, has been causing waves right from word go. This 'intellectual' writer is new to the cast that normally contains showgirls and ex-tronisti (people who have been on the programme uomini e donne) or famous but in most cases little known tv actors/actresses.

In last weeks LIVE show he spoke out about the conditions of the island they have been set to and refused to continue the programme if they weren't sent to a different island. Finally the cast have someone who's not afraid to speak up.

So far they've had injuries due to the jump from a helicopter to get them to the island, upset stomaches, an earthquake... It's a good job this years cast includes someone like Busi who will stand up for them.

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