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Talent shows

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On Saturday 6th March one of the most famous recent talents, Noemi,  from the popular music show x-factor (Rai Due) was guest on another talent show, Amici (Canale 5). She performed her latest single 'Per tutta la vita', which was in competition at this years Sanremo.

Here is her performance at Amici:

Noemi is proof that these talent shows do actually find people with real talent. Of course, many of those who take part in them are famous for however long the programme lasts and then promptly disappear from public eye. Some however launch their careers and go on to have success.

Other whose success post-tv talent show is worth mentioning are:
  • Marco Carta (winner of Amici, winner of Sanremo 2009, winner of numerous awards on festival bar and Mtv trl)
  • Valerio Scanu (2nd place at Amici, winner of this years Sanremo)
  • Tony Maiello (took part in X-factor, won this years young cat. at Sanremo)
  • Marco Mengoni (winner of x-factor, runner up at this years Sanremo)
Although I feel that these people are in fact talented singers, I do have a few doubts over their success at Sanremo. It's true that part of the vote is given by the general public and as such the months that they were featured on daily programmes on the TV will no doubt have helped them out. That being said though, it's a bit strange that the shows promote each others talents despite being from different networks and both shows were represented at Sanremo in the finals. In my opinion there were better songs and more talented artists who desired to win instead. 

My question at this point is, Did they win due to talent or due to TV popularity? Your thoughts?

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