Friday, May 28, 2010

Roman transport gets a make over

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Work has been underway to improve Rome's public transport system for a while now, but only now are we starting to see some real action taking place.

The metro (underground system) is under going a huge make over and many new lines are being adding to areas of the city not yet connected.

The Major of Rome, Alemanno recently spoke about the start of work on Line D, which will run from Ojetti to Agricoltura with stops including Piazza di Spagna (linked with Line A), EUR Magliana (Linked with Line B) and Piazza Venezia (Linked with Line C).

Termini, the main station in Rome, is currently having work done to improve safety and control better the levels of 'people traffic'. A new gallery has been built for passengers changing between Line A and Line B, Lifts and mobile staircases have been installed as is a new anti-fire system. There will also be new lighting systems and a general clean up of the station where over 200 thousand passengers pass through daily. Work should be finished for December 2012 (or at least that's the date they're giving now... these things tend to drag out longer in reality).

The fact that Rome is an historical city and full of ancient ruins means plans often need to be changed/adapted in order to preserve the historical value of the sites. This makes building new underground train systems a little difficult.

Should all the plans to better connect the city become reality, visiting Rome will be much easier, quicker and safer. Fingers crossed.

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