Monday, July 19, 2010

The ART of Travel

A site of interest:

Linda Dubin Garfield, printmaker and mixed media artist, creates visual memoirs based on the mystery of memory and the magic of place. Her love of travel and her creative spirit combine in her work. She creates art based on her visits to far-away exotic places as well as venues closer to home. Nature inspires her work. In this blog dedicated to the ART of travel, she shares with you her travel to beautiful places, and the art it inspires.

Linda has travelled to various regions in Italy and has a nice collection of photo's posted to the site.
The most recent post to the site is where you can see some fabulous pics of Tuscany and read some info about the different areas worth visiting.

1 comment:

Linda Dubin Garfield said...

Thanks for the plug. I just came across it in google! I appreciate it. Tuscany is a favorite spot to visit. I love Italy!! I will be Facebooking and Tweeting about your blog later tonight.
Thanks again,


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