Friday, January 27, 2012

Italy on strike

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In Italy you soon become aware of strikes as they are fairly frequent. The word for strike in Italian is sciopero.

Those living in or travelling to Italy should be aware that several strikes are underway and others are planned for the near future. From public transport and taxis to university students and public services, you'll need to keep strike action in mind when venturing out and about.

For news on strikes in the public sector visit the Trade Union website associated with the CGIL Organisation (only in Italian) or for information on transport strikes in Italy visit the Ministry of Transport website  (only in Italian).

Current strike action:

On Thursday 26 January the Italian Railways “Ferrovie dello Stato” will strike from 21:00 for 24 hours. A similar timed Air transport strike is also planned;

In Rome, on Friday 27 January, a general urban transport strike has been called from 08:30 to 17:00 and from 20:00 to the end of service daily service operations.

Maritime Transport will strike on 27 January from 21:00 for 24 hours.

There are also plans for a ten day petrol station strike (dates and more specific details to be confirmed).
Call the Trenitalia call centre or go to the relevant website for further information (call centre Trenitalia 00 39 06 6847 5475; or

Other strikes could be called at little or no notice.

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