Monday, February 6, 2012

Italy: The winter wonderland

Over the past week Italy has been immersed in snow. Although this is a fairly common event in the northern part of the country, it has taken other regions by surprise and caused various problems especially in major cities like Rome. In fact, Romans haven't seen snow like this since 1985.

Schools have been closed (although it is said that they will be reopening later this week), Doctors and nurses have been sleeping at the hospitals and unfortunately several deaths have been registered caused by the cold weather.

A few photo's of the snow covered capital.

The snow definitely gives Rome a completely different look than the usual.


Laura Fabiani said...

I never thought I would see the Colosseum through a haze of snow! This year we've not been getting out usual pile up of snowstorms here in Montreal. I guess the weather decided to take a different turn.

Jo Linsdell said...

Neither did I. This is the first time I've seen proper snow since I moved to Italy.

Rome was definitely not prepared for the snow but it was very pretty.


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