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Reality TV: Has Italy had enough?

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Over recent years reality TV programmes exploded across Italian TV ranging from 'fly on the wall' types like Grande Fratello (Big Brother) to talent show formats like Amici and X-Factor.

Grande Fratello 12 was won by Sabrina, who was in the house for 84 days and came through 10 nominations. She is the 4th woman to win the reality TV show and possibly the last winner of the program as the shows audience rating weren't that great this year and it looks like the show won't be back next year. I have to say I'm not surprised. Although I did watch the first few editions, I gave up watching Grande Fratello a few years ago. I think they basically did everything that was possible with the show and ran out of ideas. The people they put in the house began to just repeat the same stuff we'd seen before thinking it was a winning recipe and forgot to be natural. 

I can't say I'm going to miss the show but do wonder if its cancellation from next years schedule means that Italian have had enough of reality TV and if so what will they find to replace them?

Last night was the final of L'Isola dei famosi (the TV reality program based on Celebrity Survivor). I have to confess that the program is my favourite reality show and the only one I've watched this year outside of MTV's Jersey Shore.

Despite not so positive press at the beginning of this years show, L'Isola dei Famosi has proved to still be a winner and pulled in huge audience ratings. 

The show got a new look for this years edition with presenter Simona Ventura being replaced by Nicola Savino. Vladimir Luxuria joined participants in Honduras as this years daytime presenter.

This, the 9th edition of the show, was won by Antonella Elia.
Although the show used mainly past participants from previous editions it still managed to be fresh. I'm sure L'Isola dei Famosi will be back next year and I can't wait!

X-Factor moved from Rai to Sky and as such is no longer a "mainstream" program.

Amici is now in the final stages of this years show and has undergone some radical changes to the program format. More 'teams', separate winners for dance and singing, new teachers... They even have a battle going between ex-Amici singers.

The fact that some shows have clearly reached the end of their popularity and others are sticking around by evolving into new formats gives a clear indication that Italians views of Reality TV are changing.

Is this the end of an era?

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