Friday, April 27, 2012

Rome Celebrates its 2765th Anniversary

On 21st April The Eternal city celebrated its 2765th Anniversary. This is based on the legendary founding of Rome by Romulus in 753 BC.
The city has organised various events in order to give Rome the birthday party it deserves.

Despite its age, Buzz in Rome found the city to be still in reasonable condition:
"Yes, Rome is very old but still in pretty good shape, notwithstanding the damages done by its unruly citizens, politicians and visitors! On April 21 according to the legend/tradition, it turns 2765. But, of course, there is no scientific evidence that it was founded in 753BC, let alone on April 21. Anyway, before the Liberation Day (April 25)/Labour Day(May 1) very long weekend there is one more big occasion to celebrate and have fun in Rome. The City council has organized a lot of events. Let’s see those that might be more enjoyable for non-Italian speakers".

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