Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nina Zilli to represent Italy in Eurovision Song Contest

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This is a video of Nina Zilli's first rehearsal for the Eurovision Song Contest. She will represent Italy in this years competition.  As Italy came in second at last years event she will be aiming for the top spot this year.

"Like several other of the participants in their first rehearsal, Nina and her three backing performers were casually dressed. Nina does however wear some bright green shoes, which might give a clue to her outfit in the Final next week. today she was wearing a short white dress, with a large loose scarf around her upper body and neck. a headband kept her hair swept back and in place.
It is not surprising that today they were dressed casually, as later on this evening they will have to head off to the official opening party. Her three backing performers comprise one male singer and two female singers and unlike some backing singers in this year's contest can be clearly seen standing behind her in a line. Although the position of the backing singers was changed around in the latter rehearsals, so they moved from being behind Nina on the left, to being behind her on the right.
The LED screens behind her, as well as the floor lighting, display black and white shapes, which fit in with the shape of the set that surrounds the LED screens. The images give the song something of a retro look." - Source:
I personally really like Nina's music and hope she does well. What do you think? Will she do as well as last years entry?

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