Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The Italian alphabet

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The Italian alphabet contains 21 letters (5 vowels and 16 consonants). A further 5 letters of foreign origin (J, K, W, W, Y) which can be found in words from other languages are also now in current usage.

For the letters of the Italian alphabet below, the pronunciation in brackets should be read as if it were in English.

A (ah)
B (bee)
C (chee)
D (dee)
E (eh)
F (effay)
G (gee)
H (ahkka)
I (ee)
L (ellay)
M (emmay)
N (ennay)
O (oh)
P (pee)
Q (koo)
R (erray)
S (essay)
T (tee)
U (oo)
V (vee)
Z (zeta)

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