About me

Ciao! Welcome to my blog. My name is Jo Linsdell and I'm an award winning freelance writer living in Rome, Italy. I'm also the author of several books including the popular Italian for Tourists and A Guide to Weddings in Italy.

Originally from the UK, I came here for 3 days back in 2001 and ended up staying (it's easier to do than you might think;)). I'm now fully settled in, married to an Italian with whom I have two children and can't really imagine living anywhere else.

I started 'As The Romans Do' back in 2006 to be able to share my love of all things Italian and at the end of that year it won the Muse Award for Best Writers Blog. Since then it's also been nominated several times for Best Travel Blog in the Bloggers Choice Awards.

To learn more about me, visit my website www.JoLinsdell.com

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