Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Congo Reportraits

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Musei Capitolini- Centrale Montemartini, 13th April- 13th May

As part of 'FotoGrafia- Rome's international Festival', the exhibition space of the Centrale Montemartini of Rome wil host the photographic exhibition supported by the Office of equal opportunities and the Office of Cultural Politics of the Municipality of ROme "Congo Reportraits", the photo's by Laura Salvinelli showing the dramatic reality of modern congolese society. The photographs by Laura Salvinelli are dedicated to one of the African countries that has suffered most in our times, and bear witness to the tragic conditions of life for women and children in Congo, the mian victims of the continual war and poverty of the region.
After having worked as a photographer and portraitist in the theatre, Laura Salvinelli has in recent years started a close collaboration with humanitarian associations, creating reportages and telling stories from various parts of the world. These images are also part of this work and focus particularly on the area Kimbanseke of Kinshasa in which Pangea Onlus Foundation is developing a project to help young people in difficulties and orphaned children.

You can find out more at http://www.centralemontemartini.org

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